About us

The Leaf Co (TLC) was founded by like-minded individuals who have been convinced by the powers of CBD through their own life journey.

Today’s society is burdened with increased stress, sleeping disorders, allergies and intolerances and a growing dependency on pain and depression medication. What has caused this epidemic increase, many argue, is that we have simply turned our back on nature. 

We at TLC believe in a holistic, balanced lifestyle, that encompasses all aspects of health and well-being.

Conventional medicine has its place, however mother nature holds the key to all remedies. 

One of nature’s gifts is CBD, which is the heart of our product range.  

We want to help declutter the message in the CBD industry, and give clarity and simple information to help you make informed decisions.

As a guiding principle, all our products and packaging are eco-friendly and recyclable. We have sourced the highest quality, full spectrum CBD, sustainable, and organic where possible.
Everyone needs a bit of TLC.

Our Mission Statement
Here at The Leaf Co (TLC) we are committed to a holistic lifestyle for health and happiness & passionate about alternative medicine. Nature has a cure for all ailments, it is our role to help source, provide and educate. Everyone needs a bit of TLC.
Our Vision
Opening the door to natures remedies