About our Coffee

Full Spectrum CBD Coffee by The Leaf Co. 

Where do our coffee beans come from?
At TLC we pride ourselves in sourcing only the highest quality speciality grade coffee beans.

Social responsibility and sustainable environmental practices are central to our values therefore all our 100% arabica beans are ethically sourced, fully traceable and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

To ensure the best flavour profile for your CBD cup of coffee we specially select single origin beans and skilfully roast them to enhance their fundamental quality and flavour. Our roasting process delivers a smooth, rich tasting coffee with a depth of flavour. The hints of chocolate, nuts and citrus work well in combination with the infused CBD oil. Freshness is the key for great coffee so we roast our CBD oil coffee to order in small batches. 

Click here to see some of the wonderful local community farms that  some of our beans come from.

Where does our CBD oil come from?
The CBD oil is made using supercritical CO2 extraction which is the premium standard extraction process, using carefully selected industrial hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa L), resulting in the widest and best range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and nutrients without any chemical residue. The oil is also independently tested, analysed and verified for both its cannabinoid ratio and microbiological adequacy. It does not contain parabens or any artificial dyes, scents, and is free of toxins and heavy metals.

The coffee is suitable for vegans, gluten-free and GMO free.
A sample is then taken from each batch of coffee we roast and is sent to a leading UK laboratory called Phytovista, who then test the sample and certify that batch as having at least 10mg of CBD per 10g of coffee. Copies of the Certificates of Analysis (COA) can be found here.

Here’s what independent reviewers are saying about our coffee!

Don’t take our word for how good our coffee is! Here is what some independent reviewers are saying about our coffee:

Leafie.co.uk (Instagram – @teamleafie)

First things first, let me channel my inner coffee snob, and talk about the coffee its self. Even opening the bag I got a wonderful aroma of freshly ground beans. There is something intensely satisfying about the smell that pours out of a newly opened bag of coffee, and these Honduran arabica beans did not disappoint. The coffee I was sent is medium ground, perfect for my mini version of the pump style coffee machines you get in proper coffee shops, but would be ideal for a cafetiere too.

 The coffee brewed well, and generated a very impressive crema as you can see below, just like proper coffee should. 

Overall the taste was great, the coffee is very smooth, a little lighter than my usual Italian espresso blend, but this is in no way a negative. Anyone who’s tried adding CBD oil to coffee will know that the CBD flavour can overpower even the strongest of coffees, but here The Leaf Co seem to have struck the balance with absolute perfection. The coffee takes centre stage on the palate, with just a subtle, pleasant hint of the earthy taste of CBD in the background.

Read the full review at:

cbdukreview (Instagram – @cbdukreview)
I like to think of myself as somewhat of a coffee snob. And there’s always a risk with niche products that they might rely too heavily on their nicheness and as a result the overall quality of the product suffers. But not with @tlctheleafco. They honour the coffee bean as much as the cannabidiol.
Delivering a tidy 10mg of full spectrum CBD per cup, this makes the perfect swap to your usual morning coffee, if like me, you get a bit jittery after your caffeine hit but you're too deep in the coffee game to quit the habit, this one's for you. The CBD will ease these unwanted side effects from coffee while delivering your ECS with it's daily boost!
But for anyone strong enough to avoid caffeine, they also do a decaf version too - which I guess could also be great for before bed? 😴
So thank you @tlctheleafco - great coffee without the jitters 👌 

Read the full review by following @cbdukreview on Instagram


Yeah Lifestyle – Travel, Beauty and Food Review (Instagram – @yeah.lifestyle)

We decided to try the filter coffee, which is suitable for vegans, gluten-free and GMO free. The coffee comes in a usual style resealable coffee pouch that keeps the coffee fresh. You can also purchase the coffee as just the beans, or medium ground and if you prefer decaf you can also get it in this format too! 

The coffee has a certain smokiness to it, as I previously mentioned, but isn’t bitter. Due to the fact you can add as much or a little coffee to your filter machine you really can suit a variety of palettes. You can make it as strong or as weak as you like. Which for me is perfect when making a coffee as it means that you can adapt it to who you have over for drinks! Equally in terms of tase the CBD element is definitely present, I find from previous experience that the CBD oil has a metal quality to it, but even though I could taste it it wasn’t overpowering and I felt that it mixed well with the taste of the coffee.

If you are curious to try CBD oil but don’t fancy just the spray this could be your perfect way in, as you would simply swap your morning cuppa, for The Leaf Co CBD coffee giving your start to the day a little TLC! 

Read the full review at: https://www.yeahlifestyle.com/the-leaf-co-cdb-filter-coffee-review-coffee-with-added-tlc/  

How to brew a great cup of coffee

Brewing methods:
Medium ground
Suitable for cafetière/V60/Chemex

Fine ground
Suitable for espresso machine/stove top
Coffee Press
Grind and measure
For this option, you should use our CBD Medium Ground coffee, which is coarse ground coffee that resembles sea salt in your press. Measure 2 tablespoons per 6 ounces of water.

TIP: Remember, coffee is like produce. Buy it often in small quantities to enjoy it at the peak of freshness.
Add hot water
Fill the press with hot water that’s just off the boil. Make sure to saturate all the grounds.

TIP: To give your coffee the best possible flavour, use filtered or bottled water.
Place plunger and brew
Put the plunger back on the press without pushing it down, and let the coffee brew for around 4 minutes.
Press and pour
Gently push down the plunger until it reaches the bottom of the press and enjoy.